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1. Use of the Website

Limitation of Liability

https://www.discountmybag.com  shall not be held responsible for

(i) Any loss or profits or interruption or damage to your data, business, etc, which could arise because of using the website  or any inability of the  services or information that  is provided by the website.  This also includes instances where https://www.discountmybag.com or its authorized representatives, were informed of any potential issues or damages.

(ii) Any claims related to errors, or missing information in the data or services which are available or downloaded through https://www.discountmybag.com .  These limitation of liability for  damages (incidental or consequential ), may not apply to you, if you are from a state which does not allow it.  The limited liability of the website iwill depend on the greatest extent which is permissible by law.

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2. Copyright, Licenses and Idea Submissions

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3. Privacy Policy

The data that we collect when you register, use the website, purchase a product, is held in the strictest confidence.  We assure you that we do not sell  or reveal your information, to other companies and websites.

4. Security

You are not allowed to use the website and its services, to compromise the  security  of the website or tamper with any account or system resources.  The use of malicious tools such as password guessing programs, cracks or network probing tools that may compromise the website’s security is banned. https://www.discountmybag.com reserves the right to investigate any suspected violations in the Terms of Use.  https://www.discountmybag.com reserves the right to reveal your information in case of security related incidents, to help  the system administrators of other websites.

5. Payment

When you choose to purchase a a non-free product from our website, you may be taken to the product’s official website redirected which has its own checkout system, or complete the payment directly using our internal system. Every payment transaction adheres to its own privacy policy, terms and conditions, with respect to the website where the transaction was made.

6. Delivery

Products that are free will also require some information, which will be displayed on-screen and through an email sent to the email address that you used for registering. You can access all of this information, anytime you want. For  premium products, the details will be sent to your email address, after your payment has been successfully confirmed.

7. Ownership

All software , services which are sold via the website, are the registered property of their corresponding companies, and you are forbidden from claiming any ownership intellectual or exclusive over them, unmodified or modified. The products are always provided with no warranty, i.e., in an “as is” form. Our website, the company, its owner, employees,  shall not be held liable for any damages including but not limited to, incidental, consequential, special, direct or indirect, or losses, that may occur due to the website or inability of the products that are sold via the website.

8. Affiliate links: We use affiliate links on the website, which you agree to support, when you make purchases from our link. We may receive a commission fee for selling the products, from the companies.